AGEA Akkam Global Educational Assistance is a company founded in Istanbul and aimed to be the joint between the students from all over the world and the educational institutions in a way that guarantees the professionality and quality which both sides ask for.

Our group, which operates in the field of education services and consultancy, has been promoting international universities and representing many of them abroad since 2013.

Up to date, Akkam Global Educational Assistance had enrolled thousands of international students from every academic level to their dream universities, and thanks to its wide spectrum of services and commitments, be able to serve their needs in all processes.

AGEA Exhibitions, which is also operating in the field of international higher education events organization, was founded in 2018 with the aim of utilizing Akkam Global Educational Assistance’s experiences, professional background, and strong networks in new and innovative organizations that will bring prospective students together with distinguished International universities in their home countries/cities.

Our mission is to connect the world in terms of education and to create a new concept of academic communication among the educational institutes and organizations. Besides, we aim to offer and provide the students world widely with effective opportunities and scholarship programs.

Our Goal is to create an excellent model to serve students and disseminate them worldwide and activate it within the framework of interdependence, trust, integrity and excellence.

Our Values: Integrity, interdependence, commitment, excellence