The Idea

The idea of the Link Office lies in the essence of the service of the educational process in Turkey and providing all the facilities and possibilities available to raise the academic level of the educational institutions through the promotion of its services internationally and the establishment of a joint communication mechanism that serves all parties and elevates the intellectual level of our educational institutions with its students and all its departments to achieve the lofty goals of the educational process.

Services provided

  1. To promote the educational services for the academic institutions in Turkey and to attract students of the various stages of primary and secondary to complete their studies until reaching the university.
  2. Providing medical cards for each student so that the medical services are provided in several medical centers classified as first class and at a nominal cost not only to the student but to all his relatives of the first degree.
  3. Providing academic consultancy and services for undergraduate Studies exclusively for high school students. This assistance enables them to identify the university specialization and choose the appropriate university within and outside Turkey.
  4. Providing scholarships for studying in private Turkish universities within an integrated program.
  5. Organizing and sponsoring concerts, debates, symposia, competitions, sports, intellectual and literary among the students of the schools cooperating with them within the Link office.
  6. Presenting our office as a link between the educational institutions and the Turkish government in various institutions and administrative departments to resolve all obstacles and problems and provide the right information in a timely manner.
  7. Organizing developmental advisory seminars among students' families, school principals and bodies from the Turkish state.
  8. Organizing and sponsoring conferences for important and distinguished personalities who gather students, their parents and principals of schools.
  9. Providing opportunities for administrative, professional and academic advancement by offering big scholarships to master's and doctoral programs for the teaching staff to complete the educational process in these programs within the schools to ensure the ease and quality of this unique academic experience.