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Gaziantep - Mersin - Istanbul

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AGEA is preparing to offer to international student candidates the largest and most efficient exhibition in Turkey in terms of the scope and diversity of educational opportunities.

In this unique event, where leading Turkish universities will offer different scholarship and discount opportunities at all academic and undergraduate levels, you will find alternatives to your own profile, priorities and needs.







05 MARCH 2020

To be defined later



06 MARCH 2020

To be defined later



08 MARCH 2020

To be defined later



Your Opportunities:

  • A great chance to receive pre-event invitation letters for face-to-face interviews from prestigious Turkish and international universities, by just filling out our short online application form,
  • A participation certificate in your name that will provide you with a reference and priority in universities’ enrolment, scholarship, or discount preferences,
  • Various other opportunities, priorities, and advantages that making an early application will provide to you,
  • Your chances for a full or a higher partial scholarship will significantly increase in accordance with the standards and practices of chosen universities,
  • Obtaining information about academic fields of interest; making a comparative and more informed choice, and the opportunity to learn the full and correct procedures of university entrance and scholarship applications from the first-hand,
  • Chances to benefit from the various consulting and supporting services we offer to international students with priority and discounted rates, in case of being placed at any of the Turkish universities through us,
  • Chances of generating income and gaining experience by working while studying in Turkey,
  • Chances to benefit from the diverse opportunities Turkish universities offer for exchanges and internships in the third countries.


 Event program:

To be declared 20 days before the event


Who Are We?

Our group, which operates in the field of education services and consultancy, has been promoting Turkish universities and representing many of them abroad since 2013.

Up to date, Akkam Group has had enrolled thousands of international students from every academic level to their dream universities, and thanks to its wide spectrum of services and commitments, been able to serve their needs in all processes.

AGEA, which is now operating in the field of international higher education events organization, was founded in 2018 with the aim of utilizing Akkam Group’s experiences, professional background, and strong networks in new and innovative organizations that will bring prospective students together with distinguished Turkish universities in their home countries/cities.

In 2018, AGEA has organized academic conferences and various international educational events in addition to its 4 successful higher education exhibitions and succeeded to attract and host over 12.000 international students in its foundation year.

What’s Our Goal? 

AGEA has a professional team who are conscious of and able to analyze the needs of Turkish universities on the institutional side, and international student candidates on the individual side.

Meeting the needs of both sides in the most accurate and satisfying way, and for this purpose, continuously developing innovative methods and models by taking advantages of the opportunities offered by today's information technologies, is our top priority.

For this purpose, we are organizing 18 higher education fairs and events in 17 different cities in 10 countries for the 2020-2021 Academic Year intakes; and via these organizations, we aim to help over 40.000 international candidates to meet with our universities in a direct way, so as to make their right choices possible.

Why Turkey?

Besides its established academic tradition, Turkey has very strong and high-quality universities continuously ascending in both numbers and positions in international rankings in recent years.

Turkish universities, whose numbers are 188 in total (123 public and 65 private) as of 2018, offer a wide range of choices to meet the needs of all international students whatever their selection criteria may be.   

In addition to that, 12 other Turkish universities located in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and accredited by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK), contribute to the diversity of choices with their high capacities to enroll international students.

Turkey’s achievements in terms of record-breaking economic growth, societal development, and overseas expansion policies, are what lie behind its ability to offer high standards of quality education and life at modest financial conditions when compared to the other developed countries.   

We can count some of the major indicators of above-mentioned continuum in development as such;  

Turkey has become the 17thlargest economy in the world in 2018 and estimated to elevate into the 12thrank in 2030, by the international credit rating institutions,

Turkey has been the fastest growing economy among the G20 countries, and doubled its GDP (PPP) from 2009 to 2018,

Turkey has been lending a helping hand to all the peoples and regions in severe need all over the world, and has been the world champion of humanitarian aid in 2018,

Thanks to its economic liberalization policies and consecutive records in attracting foreign investment, Turkey has reinforced its standing as one of the principal hubs of finance, science, technology and commerce in the world,

As one of the leading countries of health technologies, Turkey has reached up to the 3rdrow in the world in international health tourism and healing services,

Turkey has the biggest higher education system of Europe with a capacity of teaching in English at the highest rate just after the UK…  

As a consequence of all these developments, Turkey’s higher education system has grown to host over 120.000 international students as of 2018; taken the 5thplace among top European destinations; and estimated to occupy the 3rdplace by the year 2030.