Career Quiz

This scale is an effective tool in determining your career preferences. We mean the set of actions that you enjoy and are attracted to. Knowing your tendencies is very important because you cannot create a work that you do not like or enjoy. It will also help you to identify university majors and diplomas that suit your preferences and that have a greater opportunity to excel in them if you make the sufficient effort after the success of God and His will.

  • Here, we'll show you a bunch of activities, and we'd like you to decide how much you enjoy doing it.
  • Read each phrase carefully and then click the appropriate box, We do not want you to think about the answers a lot but mention what comes to your mind immediately.
  • Remember that there is no right or wrong answer. Rather, you should evaluate your enjoyment of the activity when you do it regardless of your current study or current work, and regardless of the material income of this activity, social status, employment opportunities, community opinion or any other factor whatever. The important thing is do you enjoy it or not?
  • This scale will take from you (7-10) minutes.